the Walker's Daily Journal


This is -- It was really started for my own selfish reasons... there are too many mornings when I just do not want to do my morning devotions.  I need that nudge.  So I started building this database thing that would remind me every morning.  When that e-mail hits my inbox at O-Dark:30 on good days I get to it right away... on some days it gets unread.  But my Lord keeps working with me and as I grow there are less and less "unread days."  

The good news (often referred to as the Gospel) is the Jesus loves each of us, just as we are -- or to quote a favorite Baptist hymn, "am."  He does all the hard work, we just trust -- Martin Luther called that the "Joyous Exchange." 

Well, if you just happened on this site -- we are a bunch of friends who think that you do better with a little scripture in your life each day. will get you through the New Testament (NIV) in a year.  We throw in a related tidbit from the Old Testament and some verses from the Psalms (also in a year).  You can join anytime, cuz we just start over January 1 anyway!