My name is Len Engel... not the famous one, the Canadian!  My family and I are Christians of the Lutheran persuasion.  We live in Boise, Idaho.  We attend Hope Lutheran Church in Eagle (just outside Boise).  God has been very patient with me... I can safely say that I spent 40 years wandering in the wilderness.  I was one of those infamous PK's.   Being raised in the "church" I had all the right words and phrases, I could sound very pious.  My world imploded when I was about 40 ... all the lies caught up with me and I was forced to come clean. 

Len and SharonLife started in Medicine Hat, Alberta in May of '46.  By fall we were in Winnipeg at the Bible School/Seminary...  School for Dad and a couple of  Baptist churches in Saskatchewan and North Dakota we ended up in Lodi (yes, the Stuck in Lodi, Lodi) California in '58.  Dad said he had about 150 sermons, so we moved every three years.  I launched into adulthood from Lodi... a couple of years of college, then the Air Force (the draft years)..  more college, some years as a DJ, then, WOW, 40 years in the public transportation industry.  Along the way we got involved with the Internet and formed Horizon Internet Solutions -- since what we have is what He gave us our company was HIS.  We dis some  developed some Internet applications, particularly for CMS and Universities. 

In 2010 I got back into the bus business and ended up retiring from Antelope Valley Transit Authority in May of 2018.  It was an exciting time, by the middle of 2019 AVTA will be 100% zero emission fleet with three types of battery electric buses.  As a retirement project I am now CEO of solutionLAB, Inc. -- we are doing our best to promote battery electric buses and other technologies like inductive charging, smart (automous) charging and predictive vehicle maintenance.

I have, not so, recently entered my 7th decade, God continues to bless.  A wonderful wife, four great kids, three great son-in-laws (Not good enough for the daughters, but as great as you can find anywhere!) and two fantastic grandsons!.

For those that may be interested my Mom's brother Ed and his family were at the "sem" at the same time we were... that's my cousin Sharon and I in the married students' dorm (we weren't married, duh).  That photo won first prize in a local photo contest back in the winter of '48 -- that was the bad one you know :-)